Holyoke Chamber Event

Let’s Talk Mindfulness
How Post-Pandemic Has Shaped, Shifted, And Challenged The Roles Of Women 

Friday November 12th, 2021
11am – 3pm

Join us for an afternoon of intimate and safe dialogue that focuses on women and how gender roles, mental health, physical health, and wellbeing have affected women of all ages, post pandemic. 

  • Nicoletta Adjei – LMHC, Nicoletta Adjei
  • Dr. Virmarit Davila – Client Outpatient Director, RVCC
  • Carmen Nieves – Executive Director, Alianza
  • Ashley Papinau – LMHC, Ashley Papinau
  • Martha Sager-Cutt – Director Young Mothers Program, ROCA
  • Dr. Anne Wiley, PsyD. as our moderator

Hear from local experts resources available for you or your loved ones to cope. 
Cost: $30
The Delaney House
3 Country Club Road, 
Holyoke, MA 0140